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About 10 years ago not only did I open, own and manage the holistic side of an integrated pharmacy in New York but it was then that I also decided to partner with a company that developed a cellular health technology that is having a profound impact on the lives of many people.  The name of that company is ASEA Redox.  

For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in learning about different approaches to health,  wellness and feeling good.  Aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, acupuncture, herbs,  Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, etc…. You name it, I wanted to learn about it. So, I did!  

Asea Redox representing a new category in Health sciences whereas we empower the body to do what the body is capable of doing which is heal was right up my alley and I was anxious to learn all about it!   The science associated with this technology won the Nobel Prize in the 1990's and with any health challenge you can think of we are seeing some remarkable things. 

I have a huge vision to share this technology with everyone!  I am originally from New York, now a happy Floridian.  I love my life and  I love what I do.  I appreciate very much the time you have taken visit my site. 

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